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 Toshiro Osokabe The Shadow Dragon Slayer

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PostSubject: Toshiro Osokabe The Shadow Dragon Slayer   Toshiro Osokabe The Shadow Dragon Slayer EmptyTue Feb 19, 2013 1:36 am

your appearance
Toshiro Osokabe The Shadow Dragon Slayer 4758-710

Name: Toshiro Osakabe
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics:

Toshiro is an easy going mage who likes to flirt with girls a lot, although he may seem like an easy going guy Toshiro gets very serious when it comes to fighting and always does his best. Toshiro acts like a leader when it comes to his fellow teammates and hes not afraid to put his life on the line to save the ones he cares about. Toshiro likes making new friends and has a thing for Misao Aisaka although she doesn't seem to notice him much. Toshiro likes to train everyday and has a goal to be the strongest mage in order to protect his friends, crush all the dark guilds, and ask out Misao Aisaka to be his girlfriend. Toshiro's dream is to become an S class wizard in the fairy tail guild in order to impress Aisaka. Toshiro can keep his cool and doesn't get mad too often but he also has a bad habit of playing with his opponents to make his battles more fun and interesting. Toshiro also has his very own exceed named Hibiki he is all black with white wings and has been his faithful partner since the beginning since his travels after Skiadrum disappeared. Toshiro usually doesnt like to make others wait unless his bad habit of toying with his opponents come out. Toshiro is often girl crazy and will do just about anything to get a girlfriend but he especially has his eye on Misao. Toshiro likes cooking,singing, and just about anything that will impress the ladies although his exceed Hibiki doesnt really agree with most of the things Toshiro does to get women, he thinks that its a waste of time and that he should only go after Misao. Toshiro is often seen competing with his rival Keitaro his childhood friend.
* Japanese Food: Toshiro has always loved Japanese food ever since his Keitaro got him into it, Gyoza is one of Toshiros favorite Appetizers

* Flirting with girls: Although he may not look it Toshiro has a strong interest with women especially Misao

* Hibiki: Hibiki has been Toshiro's partner for as long as he remembers and is always by his side no matter what.

* Show offs: Toshiro likes being the center of attention and hates it when people take the spotlight from him

* Dark Guilds: Toshiro has always hated dark guilds ever since his friend was murdered by one, Toshiro has taken a vow to destroy all the dark guilds in the world to avenge Keitaro

* Spicy Food: Toshiro has always disliked spicy foods because he has an overly sensitive tongue and he doesnt like drinking water.

Toshiro's motivation is to become the strongest mage and protect Miyako from any danger the world may impose from her. His friends are the main source that makes him do the things he does and teamwork is another factor that motivates him. Another big motivation that Toshiro has is that he wants to crush all the dark guild in Fiore therefore to avenge the death of his friend Keitaro and also to make sure that dark guilds never kill anyone again. The last motivation of Toshiro's is to someday find a wife so that he can start a family and have a couple of kids so that they can also be strong mages one day as well.
* Spiders: Toshiro has always hated spiders because of their appearance and how crawly they are. He also doesnt like bugs very much in general

* Acknologia: When Toshiro was little Skiadrum used to tell him about the feared dragon named Acknologia. He heard stories of Acknologia wiping out entire villages and killing hundreds of people.

* Transportation: Toshiro has always had a problem with transportation seeing as how its hard for him to concentrate while moving not to mention he gets very sick as well.

* Math: Toshiro has been taught to read and write by his father Skiadrum but the one subject he just couldn't master was math numbers throw Toshiro off.

* Heights: Toshiro once had a bad memory of his exceed Hibiki accidentally dropping him when they were flying around Fairy Tail which created Toshiro's fear of heights. Hibiki then vowed never to drop Toshiro again.


Height:5 ft 8
Weight: 135
General Appearance:
Toshiro's general clothing consists of formal wear to impress the ladies but will sometimes will wear casual clothes as well. Toshiro has a skinny body structure with some muscle on his arms. He is a fast runner and has a lot of stamina as well. He wears a a cross shaped necklace around his neck that was passed down to him from his father. Toshiro is often mostly seen wearing a a blue jacket with a white undershirt underneath the jacket with black pants as his casual form of clothing as well. On his back Toshiro carries a long metal sword that was given to him by his best friend Keitaro after his friends death at the hands of a dark guild. As for facial features, Toshiro's face is usually kept nice and clean with no facial hair Keitaro. Toshiro is very athletic and trains everyday in order to get attention and also stay fit and skinny. Lastly Toshiro has brown eyes and long messy brown hair that complements his body figure. As for his exceed Hibiki, Hibiki is an all Black Exceed with white wings and a red bandana around his neck that he wears as a symbol of his and Toshiro's friendship.

Guild and Magic

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: On left Shoulder (Black)

Magic: Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic
Caster or Holder:Caster
Dragon Slayer Magic is a form of Magic which grants the user some characteristics unique to shadow Dragons, allowing them to incorporate the element of shadows granting them the ability to change parts of their body (or the entirety of it)into shadows, which can be shaped in a number of forms for different purposes, and to produce shadow objects.
The Magic relies around the use of shadows for both offense and defense, with the user being capable of creating a wide array of shadows from their body to attack the opponents both in melee and from a distance, and to cover their body with shadows in order to dramatically increase their defensive power, at the same time greatly boosting their offense as well.
The Magic relies around the use of shadows for both offense and defense, with the user being capable of creating a wide array of shadows from their body to attack the opponents both in melee and from a distance, and to cover their body with iron in order to dramatically increase their defensive power, at the same time greatly boosting their offense as well. Iron Dragon slayer is also usually made of metal which makes attacks hit harder then usual.
Being a form of Dragon Slayer Magic, this also allows the user to consume external sources of iron to replenish their strength and restore their body to a healthy state, though, like light Dragon Slayer Magic, he is unable to ingest shadows that he himself created. Also light can also be a big threat to shadow seeing as it can make the shadows disappear.

When Toshiro was 6 he was taken in by the shadow
dragon Skiadrum. Skiadrum became a father to Toshiro by
teaching him how to read, write, & other things. He even taught Toshiro iron dragon slayer magic. It was not easy to learn and took him many trys to get the dragon slayer magic to work right. Throughout his training Toshiro had to develop a strong sense of smell and also learn to eat iron & steel. Once he learned how to those things Skiadrum then began to teach him iron dragon slayer spells. After five years of hard training Toshiro now knew iron dragon slayer magic. As the days went by Toshiro improved quite a bit then one day, when Toshiro was 11, Skiadrum disappeared without a trace. Toshiro was shocked, and so he set out to try and find his father. One day during his travels he came across a large egg with strange markings on it, he realized it was a dragon's egg. He then decided to take it with him. A few days later the egg hatched but what came out of it was NOT a baby dragon instead, a small all black
cat with white wings on it's back came flying out of the egg and flew over to a surprised Toshiro & spoke. The small cat explained that it did not have a name and so Toshiro named the little cat Hibiki. Soon after the two became friends and started traveling together. After traveling all over Fiore they could find no sign of Skiadrum. During their travels they heard of an infamous mage guild known as Fairy Tail. They heard the wizards in fairy tail were all crazy powerful & also just plain crazy. Hearing about this mage guild sparked an interest in Toshiro & so they found out that Fairy Tail was located in the town of magnolia. Toshiro and Hibiki traveled to Magnolia and when they got there they asked around to find out where Fairy Tail was located. They arrived at the guild hall and then joined. A year after joining Fairy Tail, Toshiro befriended a boy in Magnolia named Keitaro who practiced snow magic. Keitaro was a somewhat skinny looking guy with blond hair and blue eyes who had a fascination with magic. The two became good friends. A few months after the two became friends a dark guild showed up in Magnolia wreaking havoc. They ended up kidnapping Keitaro. Toshiro tried to save Keitaro but in the end the dark guild killed Keitaro with no mercy. After seeing his friends death Toshiro was furious and couldn't control his anger anymore, he then started fighting the guild master and eventually lost. Hibiki thankfully carried the boy to safety before the dark guild could capture him. After escaping the clutches of the dark guild Toshiro set a goal for himself to put an end to all dark guilds & also hopes to one day see his father, Skiadrum again.

RP Sample:
Toshiro and Hibiki walk into fairy tail looking for the guild master. Instead of finding the master Toshiro finds a bunch of beautiful girls and goes of to flirt with some of them, after approaching them and quickly gets rejected, after suffering defeat Toshiro goes around the guild looking for the master but ends up seeing Misao instead. He is shocked by the appearance of his crush, Toshiro then starts walking towards her. At first Misao doesn't see him. "Toshiro she is so dense she will never be into you" said Hibiki with a grin on his face. "shut up you dont know anything about her!!!!" replied Toshiro blushing. Toshiro then quickly made his way upstairs to look for the master once again. Upstairs the job postings were the very first thing he saw "wow Hibiki these jobs look super fun I cant wait until we start our first job we are going to make so much money" Said Toshiro with a smile on his face. "yeah there's no where I would go without you Toshiro" Hibiki replied. After finally meeting the master of the guild, Toshiro went outside and started walking towards some nearby dorms. "Hibiki this is where we will be staying doesnt it look great?" Toshiro said with confidence in his eyes. "Yeah this looks awesome I cant wait to move in" Hibiki replied with a grin on his face. After moving into their new dorm room Toshiro thought it would be a great idea to have a bunch of girls over. "hey Hibiki things have been a bit boring around here dont you think?" Toshiro said giggling. "Oh brother not again you always do this kind of thing, you know all the girls are just going to reject you especially if you dont have enough money to treat them to dinner" replied Hibiki with a sad look on his face. "Hey don't you worry just leave everything to me buddy." Toshiro quickly replied. After locking up their dorm room Toshiro and Hibiki went back to Fairy Tail in search of women they could bring home.

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