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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Rank Rules EmptyTue Feb 19, 2013 12:28 am


Basic (D-Rank)

Right now you're at the beginning of your adventure. Beware of the stronger mages, they might tease you a bit. Don't worry about that though. Train and you might become stronger than them.

Spells: Allowed 12

Novice (C-Rank) (100 Posts)

It seems like you're finally getting used being a mage. Good job.

Spells: Allowed 16

Intermediate (B-Rank) (300 Posts)

Amazing! You can actually call yourself a decent mage now. Be nice to the basic and novice mages. Remember, you used to be one of them. Help them out.

Spells: Allowed 18

Experienced (A-Rank) (500 Posts)

Hey you're actually able to fight against some other mages with a high chance of winning. Keep in mind that there are stronger mages than you! Don't get too cocky.

Spells: Allowed 21

Expert (S-Rank) (700 Posts/S-Rank Contest.)

You're the real deal now. An expert mage that is able to kick ass. You are finally allowed to take those super
awesome S-rank missions! Tip: Do not threaten your Guild Master to take over the guild by defeating everybody,
you'll get kicked out.

Spells: Allowed 28 (1 X-rank spell)

Hero (X-Rank) (Must have S rank, & and do something important to the plot to apply for X rank.
Then the admins will decide if you have sufficiently met these requirements)

X rank only given to the best mages in a Guild.

Legendary/Z-Rank [Not Available. To Be decided by admins at a later time.]
So you're the highest rank achievable now? Good luck with that. It's a hard task that requires you to guide and help out your guild members. You're not allowed to travel much, so you have to spend most of your time in the guild protecting it.

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Rank Rules
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