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 Kyo Joins FT [Open to FT members]

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Kyo Nullbuild
Kyo Nullbuild

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PostSubject: Kyo Joins FT [Open to FT members]   Kyo Joins FT [Open to FT members] EmptySat Apr 27, 2013 1:58 am

Kyo stands in front of the large doors, feeling unsure if he should open them. He had been staring down at his bare feet for some time before he looked up at the words above the door that read, 'Fairy Tail.' Kyo knew that he wasn't good at dealing with other people, but his old boss he used to work for gave him good advice for that. 'The only way you can get better at it is to surround yourself with people. It's just like your training! You can't get better if you don't practice. You have to train yourself with better social skills by being around other people.' Kyo listened to the words of his boss in his mind and heaved a sigh. This was gonna be tough.

Kyo stepped up to the doors and pushed them open with a little too much force. The doors made quite a racket as Kyo stood there in the middle of the opening, however, no one inside seemed to pay any mind. There were a lot of people inside. They all bustled about and were talking with each other. It was a nightmare for Kyo. He simply stood in the doorway frozen by the amount of social interaction that was happening before him. It was an overload. To avoid one of the guildmembers eventually taking notice of him, Kyo simple shuffled to the side of the door way and found a small empty table in the corner of the hall. He quickly took a seat and looked around at the various guild members trying to pick out the guild master. It was then that Kyo realized he had no idea who the master of Fairy Tail was or what he looked like! Kyo mentally slapped himself and just figured he would have to find someone who looked important and ask them where the guildmaster was. Now that Kyo was in the belly of the beast, there was no turning back for him now.

Kyo had to grip the seat of his chair in order to keep himself from fidgeting. 'This is insane,' he thought to himself. He had never been in a place where there was such a high concentration of people. Having an over protective mother and then living out in the woods will do that to you. Kyo's eyes darted about the room. No one seemed to be taking notice of him. Good. The less people saw him the better. He figured he would just have to wait for a sighting of the guildmaster and just wait for a time when he could confront the master alone. As Kyo sat in his seat, the time seemed to stretch on for hours even though only a few minutes had passed. He finally figured he would have to try another day. Maybe he would come back where there were fewer people around. He stood up and pressed his back to the wall, trying to spy an opportunity for him to shimmy out the door.
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Kyo Joins FT [Open to FT members]
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