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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyMon Feb 18, 2013 11:19 pm

Main Rules

Please follow all of these rules accordingly. Any violations from the rules may be sanctioned by the Administrators or the moderators of this site.


1.Be respectful of everyone on this site whether it be another member, admin/mod, or even a guest. We understand you don’t have to like everyone here, but you do have to show respect. Insults, harassment, biases, rude/inappropriate remarks will not be tolerated & will be dealt with with the utmost severity.
2. Some cussing and swearing IS allowed. However, please DO NOT make your posts in the forums or in the chatbox a curse-fest. No one wants to be exposed to that so please don't do it.
Sanction: 1st: Warning 2nd: Ban
3. Racial discrimination is NOT allowed. Any form of sexual harassment, abuse or insulting will NOT be tolerated
Sanction: 1st: Warning 2nd: Ban
4. Please no flame wars in forum posts or in the chatbox. Debates are fine, as long as no one gets hurt. Also, no political talk like "The Bush Administration was great!". Any kind of flaming is NOT allowed
Sanction: 1st: Warning 2nd: 3 week suspension 3rd: Ban
5. No advertising allowed. If you wish to advertise something, please take it to another site. Advertisement of any kind will not be tolerated.
Sanction: 1st: Warning 2nd: 2 week suspension 3rd: Ban


1. All character applications pending for approval may not be used in any of your posts or threads. No character-related posts are allowed until after admin or mod approval.
Sanction: 1st: Warning 2nd: 1 Week Suspension 3rd: 3 Week Suspension
2. Refrain from posting one liners. Ideal post should be at least 20 words long. If you are in a hurry, tell those who are you're rping with that you can't post now, and may post later so you could have more time. The minimum word count per post is 10 words. No less. You can use the word count tool located under the smilies to count the words for you. Preview your post first then post it.
3. Do not post in topics that are dead. Unless, you are already in it and plan to revive it.
4. You can only be in three roleplay topics at one time. They all have to be in the same town, only one can be serious combat. This rule has been made to avoid difficulties in the storyline and timeline. If you wish to enter another roleplay topic that is not within your limit you must first leave your current topic.
5. Follow the Posting Order of a topic. Unless someone has become inactive, you cannot post in the wrong order. For example: Person 1 posts, Person 2 posts, Person 3 posts. It should continue this way for the rest of the topic.

Character Accounts

1. Your character name must be a real name. Nothing like "butt face" or "snot breath". It cannot contain any
symbols, numbers, or other characters.
2. In order to start roleplaying you must first have a character. You can create your character Here
Also, please use the character template to create your character.
3. Once you have created your character & posted it. An admin or mod will review and approve it.
4. No Godmodding allowed PERIOD!! This includes your character never getting tired during a fight,
controlling another character within your posts and having anything God-like related. Same Sanctions as above.
5. You may re-vamp your character. However, you must ask an admin or mod for permission first. Please DO NOT
create multiple accounts unless an admin has okay-ed it. This is because we don't want any one person having
multiple dragon slayer, re-quip, & or celestial mage characters.

Magic and Items

Do not use unapproved spells/weapons/items/etc in an active topic. If you get a spell/weapon or anything else gained through approvals or buying, which means basically anything, you cannot use it until you go to a topic which has a topic start time of AFTER you got whatever it is.


They are the unit of monetary currency in the Fairy Tail universe. Jewels has no fractional unit. There are certain ways to get jewels on this forum. The two easiest ways are RPing and doing requests.
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Site Rules
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