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  Spell Rules and Template

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PostSubject: Spell Rules and Template    Spell Rules and Template EmptyThu Apr 25, 2013 10:04 pm


God mod abilities are auto-unapproved.
Make sure you know how much magic you have before making your skills or spells as well as how many spells and skills you are allowed to have before making any skills or spells.
Be as descriptive as possible.
There is no way to regain regenerate or replenish your own magic due to a spell at this point.
Do not constantly barrage mods and admins for approval. No one likes a nagger.
Do not fail to follow the format. It just elongates the process of getting your spells approved.
Do not copy other people's spells because it is a good idea. It will not be approved.
Do not create a spell that can use its effect multiple times for one expenditure of magic, such as "Can shoot three balls of fire at different intervals."
Here are some tips on what I want to know with every question in the template:

Name: (What is the name of your skill or spell? What is it called?)
Rank: (What is the rank of your spell or skill?)
Magic Cost: (How much Magic is being depleted from your mana pool to use this skill or spell? How much does it cost?)
Requirements: (What do you need in order to use the skill or spell? Are there any
special requirements unique to your character?)
Class: (What is the spell used for? Offense, Defense, Supplementary)
Element: (What element is the spell? It is suggested and may be required to only use elements that your character knows and got approved to use.)
Effect: (What exactly does the spell or skill do? How does it help you? Explain in great detail the effects, advantages, as well as any disadvantages of the spell. Details are the key to a fast approval.)
Cooldown: (Minimum number of posts until next use)
Duration: (If your spell has a duration add it here)
History: (How did you receive this spell or skill? What have you done with it? What has it done? How has it helped you? You may also add any pictures here if you like.)

[b]Magic Cost:[/b]
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Spell Rules and Template
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