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 Summoning Magic Guidelines

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Summoning magic

Summoning magic is magic that involves summoning a creature to do your bidding, which could be fighting for you or do some other task. These creatures can come into many forms and shapes with all their own abilities and strengths. Each type of summoning comes along side with a type or branch of summoning. For example, one could summon skeletons and zombies using necromancy or summon spirits of old or summon the celestial spirits just like from the series. Some general rules for summoning magic:

Limited summons:
These summons are generally stronger than infinite summons. However, their strength comes at a price, as limited summons can only be cast once during a topic (meaning you can't have the same summon up twice) and cannot be re summoned during the topic if it has been destroyed. There is a limit of only 2 limited summons per rank of the summoner. Limited summons take the form of either a mage that can perform strong ranged spells, but they are relatively frail, or the form of a warrior, who are for stronger and able to take a heavier beating, but at the expense that they can't perform ranged attacks and have to get close to the enemy.

-Each limited summon starts with a spell of the rank they are themselves or lower. These spells have a cooldown, rank and magic cost. Limited summons also have one additional spells like effect, which costs 50% magic of their own rank, which involves making a basic attack with a weapon or body part and causes wounds according to what type they are and what rank they are.
-The casting cost of a limited summon is just like it's rank and it lasts till it is destroyed.
-Limited summons can learn additional spells, that the summoner has to train for, to a max of 5 spells per summon. You can't make a spell that can be used by two summoned creatures, but you could make a copy of the same spell and train it for both.
-A summoner can only have 2 limited summon spells per rank he possess.
-A limited summon spell takes up 1 spell slot and each new trained spell for one also take a summon slot.

Limited summon, mage:
Mage summons are capable of casting spells and create powerful effects, but they are far less capable in actual combat with weapons and are easier to take down.
General rules for limited summons, mage:
-Summoned mages are destroyed by a attack of their rank or higher and deal wounds with physical attacks as if they were one rank lower (D-rank mages can't attack at all). For example: A B-rank mage deals C-rank damage and is destroyed by a 1 B-rank, 2 C-rank, etc.
-A summoned mage has a theme and can only cast spells according to that theme. A mage can cast ranged spells and close ranged spells.
-Summoned mages have a magic pool of their own equal to their rank to cast their spells and use their abilities. When this magic pool is empty, the summoner can still let his summons cast spells by substracting it from his own magic pool.

Limited summon, warrior:
Warrior summons are summons that use weapons to attack their enemies or have a mighty physical stature. They don't have ranged attacks, but have a for stronger body and are capable of taking heavier punishment before they are destroyed. General rules for limited summons, warrior:
-Summoned warriors are destroyed by a attack of one rank higher than there selves and deal wounds with physical attacks of their own rank. For example: A B-rank warrior deals B-rank damage and is destroyed by a 1 A-rank, 2 B-rank, etc.
-A summoned warrior has a theme and can only casts spells according to that theme. A warrior can only cast close ranged spells.
-Summoned warriors don't have a pool of their own and to activate their abilities, the summoner has to pay for it.

Example summon spell:

Name: Geth, the undead reaper
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: Must have enough magic
Class: Summoned warrior
Element: Summoning
Effect: The caster summons forth a medium sized skeleton, wearing a black robe and a scythe. The creature glides silently over the ground and can slice in wide arcs with his scythe and can cast shadow spells. Geth's scythe attacks in wide sweeping arcs in front of him with a reach of 1 meter. If hit, it causes a deep wound where blood will gush freely from it.
Reapers touch: (30 magic, cooldown 3 posts) Geth infuses his hand with necrotic energies and reaches out to someone. This touch causes people their skin to blacken and causes severe pain. The touch infuses Geth with greater vitality, making it harder to destroy him by 1 B-rank spell.
Cooldown: 1 post, unless destroyed
Duration: Until destroyed or dismissed
History: -

Name: Whirling death
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: Must have Geth, the skeletal reaper active
Class: Offensive
Element: Summoning
Effect: Geth infuses his scythe with a purple glow and throws his scythe around him in a deadly whirling projectile. Everyone near 2 meter of Geth must duck out of reach of his deadly scythe or have body parts slashed deep, causing nasty bleeding wounds. When the scythe has made it's full spin, it returns back into Geth's waiting hand.
Cooldown: 3 posts
Duration: Instant
History: -

Name: Grey beard, the pirate wizard
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: Must have enough magic
Class: Summoned mage
Element: Summoning
Effect: The caster summons forth a medium size pirate looking human with a grey beard. He has a skull in his hands which he uses to cast spells with. In the eye sockets of this skull burn tiny flames.
Magic pool: 30
Fiery gaze: (30 magic, cooldown 3 posts) Grey beard holds the skull in front of him and two rays of fire are launched from the skull, one from each eye socket. These rays must be direction at 1 target and cause burning wounds when hit.
Cooldown: 1 post, unless destroyed
Duration: Until destroyed or dismissed
History: -

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Summoning Magic Guidelines
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