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 ~Misao Aisaka~ [FINISHED]

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PostSubject: ~Misao Aisaka~ [FINISHED]   Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:40 pm


Name: Misao Aisaka
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: June 1, X818
Sexuality: straight
Special Characteristics: her green hair

Misao is a very confident, strong, friendly & outgoing person. She loves to go shopping, read, &
go on jobs. She is also quite girly. Misao hopes to become an s-class mage someday. She is very confident in
her sex appeal however despite that, she is clueless when it comes to love and relationships. Misao is a very
determined person. She won't let anything or anyone stand in her way or derail her goals & determination.
Nothing can stop her from reaching her goal & making her dreams come true. She will always do her best in
everything she does, despite whether its difficult or not. She’ll never give up on anything or anyone. Misao
was raised by a dragon and they lived outdoors so Misao is most at ease when outdoors or in nature. She is
also very clumsy, and tends to trip quite a bit. She can be an airhead at times. But she is normally cheerful.
Misao hates to be ignored when showing off her sex appeal. Misao has good reflexes despite being clumsy. She
is also quite stubborn and has a sharp tongue to boot. Misao has somewhat of a care-free spirit. She loves taking
on new challenges. Sayuri doesn't let anything or anyone get her down. Misao doesn't have too many worries.
However, she's not good in a crisis situation. Most of the time she's care-free & doesn't let anything bother her.
Misao is a little shy but always lives her life to the fullest. She'll never let a friend feel down, depressed or sad. Misao
cares for all her friends equally & loves being in fairy tail. She also loves animals, and has her companion a grey
exceed with white wings on his back named Daichi.

Cute Things
Misao loves to collect cute little trinkets & such. Her apartment is decorated very cutely.

Sayuri's exceed companion. He doesn't really do any fighting but if Misao is ever in danger he'll fly in to save her.

The dragon who raised Misao. She was Misao's family and she was very attached to Celeste.
Celeste is the one that taught Misao, sky dragon slayer magic & everything Misao knows.

Sayuri loves cakes, cookies, candies, & pastries. She eats that stuff all the time
& never really gains any weight. Her fellow female guild members are amazed by this fact.

Misao loves to go shopping & tends to be an impulse buyer. It's one of Sayuri's favorite things to do in
her spare time.

Being raised outside, Misao loves nature. She's always happy to camp outside when on a job. Misao feels more at ease when surrounded by nature she doesn't tend to like large cities because of all the filth, crime, corruption that dwells in large cities. Plus, the air is much more clean out in nature which makes using her powers a lot more easier.

Misao traveled around Fiore along with Daichi in search of Celeste for a few years. So she enjoys traveling quite a bit. When she takes on jobs that require you to travel quite a ways she is always lively about it.

Fresh Air
Misao loves fresh air. One of the reasons being that she's able to use her magic to its full potential where as polluted air which is commonly found in large cities.Misao also finds fresh air refreshing and never feels down when the air is fresh & clean.

Rude people
Misao dislikes people who are rude.Celeste, the dragon that raised her, taught Misao to be polite and to have manners.

Rainy Weather
Misao doesn't like when it rains, she finds it sad & gloomy. If it's raining out she will complain about it or if she's home when it's raining she won't leave. She likes it better when it's sunny out.

She doesn't like bugs, she finds them to be creepy & sometimes gross. If a bug lands on her she will freak

Spicy Foods
She has really sensitive taste buds so she can't eat foods that are spicy. They burn her mouth and she doesn't like to drink water very much.

Large Cities
Misao doesn't like large cities, she feels they are filled with filth, pollution, crime and corruption. She much prefers nature and small towns. Plus, if the air in a city is heavily polluted she can't use her magic.

Polluted Air
Misao can't stand polluted air. It smells awful and it prevents her from using her magic.

Bad Smells
Being a dragon slayer, Misao has a super strong, & sensitive sense of smell. So she hates bad smells like; rotten foods, garbage, gas, magic having to do with smell & so on. She tries to keep herself from smelling these kinds of odors.

Misao is motivated by her magic to become a strong, powerful, & respected Wizard. She
wants to use her magic to help others. She is always striving to become stronger.

Her friends motivate her to do her best & let her know that she's not alone. She can always count on her friends for support & help.

Finding Celeste
Misao is motivated to find the dragon who raised her and taught her sky dragon slayer magic. She wants
to be able to know and understand why Celeste disappeared.

Misao is afraid of spiders.

Misao fears she'll be abandoned by her friends because when she was only 8 years old Celeste disappeared & abandoned her.

Misao heard of the evil dragon Acknologia during her travels & became afraid of this evil dragon.


Height: 5'4"
Weight: 104 Lbs
Hair: Light Green
Eyes: ocean blue-green
General Appearance:
Misao is very cute with fair skin and has a petite, slim figure. Her bust is quite large for her age & Misao's stature is short. She has soft, fluffy, light green hair. Her soft bangs feather her forehead, with the bigger parts of her bangs on both sides of her face cover her ears. Misao usually wears silk white short-sleeve collared blouse. Over that she wears a black tank top with spaghetti straps and a violet silk lining down the middle tied at the top in a bow. Accompanied by a red plaid pleaded skirt that reaches her upper thighs with a pair of long black stockings that reach her almost to her upper thighs. And she always wears a pair of heeled red closed-toe sandals laced with red ribbon that ties into a bow in the back at her ankles. Because Misao is so cute, petite, and has a nice sized bust she is very popular among men.

Guild and Magic

Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo:
upper right thigh (Sky Blue)

Sky Dragon Slayer Magic
Caster or Holder:
A type of Magic which grants the user various characteristics belonging to sky dragons, allowing them to incorporate the element of air into their body. However, unlike other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic is geared more towards healing and support rather than offense. The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on so far, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons, and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress, something made more formidable by the fact that healing Magic is long-lost, and believed to be nonexistent anymore. However, employing such exclusive powers seems to be very tiring for the user, who can’t make use of them in consecutive reprises, nor can the Sky Dragon Slayer use their magic to heal and restore themselves. In addition to healing, Sky Dragon Slayer Magic can also grant support in battle, by boosting allies’ physical prowess. Despite healing and support being its main abilities, this form of Magic, like other types of Dragon Slayer Magic, is said to possess great destructive power, with its offensive spells taking the form of whirlwinds produced by the user.
The healing power granted by it is extremely high, having been described as capable of healing wounds inflicted by a real dragon. Concretely, it was enough to almost completely cure most injuries it was used on so far, and to nullify the effects of powerful poisons, and is capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress.This magic is mostly used for healing and support however, its offensive power is that equal to that of a dragon. This is one of the most powerful lost magics out there.
Employing such exclusive powers seems to be very tiring for the user, who can’t make use of
them in consecutive reprises, nor can the Sky Dragon Slayer use their magic to heal and restore themselves.
If the air around the user is heavily polluted then they are unable to use their magic. This dragon slayer magic
is weak against water, ice, fire, & reflector magic. Sky dragon slayers cannot eat air they created themselves
to fuel their power.


Misao lost her real parents in a fire when she was just two years old. She managed to survive somehow but she lost all of her memories except for her name, age, & birthday. Then, when Misao was just 4 years old she was found and taken in by the sky dragon, Celeste. Misao was an orphan, she had no memory of her real parents or where she was born & had no family, so Celeste became her family.The two were happy together.They lived outdoors, near a wild flower field. Being raised outdoors & surrounded by nature Misao grew to love it. Misao would often pick wild flowers and make then into tiaras, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Celeste thought of Misao as her real daughter & cared for Misao. For food they would go into forests and search for fruits & others things like edible plants to eat. Occasionally, they would fish in rivers & catch fish to eat. Misao would go to streams & rivers to gather water to drink. Celeste taught Misao reading, writing, & manners. She also taught Misao Sky dragon slayer magic. Together, Misao and Celeste trained vigorously for years. In order to learn this lost magic, Misao had to learn to think, eat, breath, sleep, & act like a dragon. Misao had to develop a strong, sensitive sense of smell, she also needed to learn how to eat air. It was not easy & it took a very long time, but after 6 years, Misao finally learned sky dragon slayer magic. But then, one day when Misao was 10 years old, Celeste disappeared without a trace. Misao was shocked by this and had felt Celeste abandoned her. So Misao decided to travel all over Fiore in search of Celeste. However, one day during her travels when Misao was 11, she found a giant white egg with strange markings on it. She realized it must have been a dragon egg. Misao was thrilled. A couple days later, the egg finally hatched, but to Sayuri's surprise, instead of a baby dragon coming out, it was a small grey-colored cat with white wings on its back. Then the small cat flew over to Misao and spoke. Misao couldn't believe what she was seeing. The small cat introduced itself. It told her that it had no name so Misao named the cat Daichi. The two continued to travel together in search of Celeste for a year but no luck. When Misao was 12, the two came to the town of Magnolia.They had heard of the Mage guild, Fairy Tail that was located there. Misao and Daichi set out to find the guild. When they arrived,They were amazed at how big it was, they opened the door to the guild hall and found it to be a very loud yet fun place. And so, they both joined fairy tail. Over time Misao made many friends in her guild. And as the years passed she became very strong & her magic abilities grew quite a lot since she joined fairy tail. Fairy tail has now become her family. However, Misao still hopes to find Celeste one day.

RP Sample:

Misao and Daichi walk into the guild hall, its lively as usual. They continue over to the request
board. Now, at the request board, they start to look at all the possible jobs they could take. Misao is having a
hard time choosing a job. Just then Misao picks up on the scent of something sweet, Misao has always and a
big sweet tooth. Misao begins to walk away from the job request board. "Misao, where are you going??" Daichi
said as he watched Misao wander off. Daichi flies to catch up to Misao. The sweet scent that Misao had smelled
came from a cake shop in Magnolia. Then Misao's stomach growled. "Hey Daichi want to get some cake?" She
inquired with a smile. Daichi shrugged & the two went into the cake shop. Misao ordered a piece of strawberry short cake, green tea cheesecake, and a piece of raspberry gelatin cake. Misao happily ate the cakes while Daichi just sat there quietly. "Daichi, geze cakesh are shoo good" she said with a mouth full of cake. "Misao, please don't talk with
food in your mouth." She swallowed the bite of cake and spoke again."I'm sorry Daichi, but you really should try a
bite" "No, thanks." The people in the cake shop were staring at Daichi. It seemed a lot of them had never seen an exceed before. Misao finished her cakes and paid at the counter. Then left the cake shop and headed back to the
guild hall. "Those cakes were soo yummy, you really should have tried a bite of the strawberry shortcake Daichi."
Daichi, flying next to Misao replied," I really don't like sweets as much as you do Misao." She shrugged &
replied,"Oh well."

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PostSubject: Re: ~Misao Aisaka~ [FINISHED]   Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:29 am

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~Misao Aisaka~ [FINISHED]
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