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 Re-quip Magic Guidelines

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PostSubject: Re-quip Magic Guidelines   Re-quip Magic Guidelines EmptyThu Apr 25, 2013 9:41 pm

Re-equip magic involves summoning and immediately equipping a weapon or armor to use against a certain enemy. There are three types of spells for re-equip magic: Re-equip weapon, re-equip armor and spells for these weapons or armor.

Re-equip weapon spells
Re-equipping a weapon offers nothing, except for having a weapon to attack with (ie. They don't give stats bonuses or defensive bonuses). They can have some sort of active ability. For example, a fire sword can make an arc of flame from its blade when swung for the cost of half the mana it took to summon the weapon. Re-equip weapons inflict wounds according to what rank they are and if they have a special effect, the amount of wounds it would inflict should be lowered, depending on how good the effect is. Re-equip weapons spells can come into two different forms, indestructible ones and destructible ones. Indestructible weapons have a duration of 3 posts, after which the wielder has to pay the full price to sustain it for another 3 posts, or re-equip a new weapon, but in return, they cannot be destroyed by opposing attacks. These weapons are mostly non-physical weapons, that can't be broken, except for maybe one specific counter, for example a fire sword, made out of pure fire couldn't be touched or destroyed by normal means, but could still be destroyed for example by a water attack. Destructible weapons have a duration of: until destroyed. They last as long as they are not destroyed or are re-equipped.

To destroy a weapon, 1 spell of equal rank is needed. Attacks from certain elements could be reduced in rank if the element is something is weak against the weapon or be of higher rank, if the element is strong against the weapon. For example for a fire sword, fire attacks would count as one rank lower, but water attacks are one rank higher. Weapons have to be targeted by spells to be destroyed and aren't easy to destroy with area of effect spells. If a weapon is caught in a area of effect spell, it counts as it was hit by a spell of one rank lower than the spell is. A spell will inflict full damage if it is a single target spell and is targeted at the weapon or at the wielder, but he used his weapon to deflect the spell.

Also in a re-equip wizard's arsenal can be ranged weapons. These are pretty much a completely different breed of weapon from the melee weapons since they fire projectiles from a distance. Because of this, there is a distinct advantage that comes with a ranged weapon. However, their ammunition is limited. When you re-equip a ranged weapon you also re-equip its ammunition. Usually in a quiver for bows or the magazine for a gun. Of course, more exotic ranged weapons will have different kinds of ammo holders. Once the ammunition is spent, you cannot the the weapon until you refill the ammunition by spending half the weapon's summon cost. You essentially re-equip the ammo and refill the holder (quiver, magazine, etc.). A weapon's ammo capacity depends on several factors such as what kind of damage the ammunition can do. The more powerful the ammo, the less you will be able to have at a time. Naturally, when a ranged weapon is re-equipped, it starts with a full supply of ammo.

Instead of a weapon, a shield could be re-equipped, which forgoes offensive power for defensive power. Shields count as spell shield and can block up two 2 spells of equal rank before being destroyed.

Re-equip armor spells
Re-equipping armor gives the bearer small passive bonus for as long as the bearer wears it. These spells also have a single ability that can be activated as long as the bearer wears the armor. This passive bonus is 1/2 of what a mode spell of the same rank could give. For example, a C-rank armor could have a passive strength increase of 50%. Note that armors don't have to give defensive bonuses, unless the passive ability gives it. Take that into consideration when making armor spells, that even if you would equip a full plate armor that only gives strength bonuses, that the armor will not give bonuses to physical or elemental defense. The durability of the armor is still there and it still guards against spells until it breaks, of course.The ability of the armor reflects the full potential of the armor and enhances the passive ability to it's full power of equal rank. For example, the ability of the strength increasing armor from above could give a strength increase of 50%, bringing it up to 100%, which is equal to a C-rank mode spell. The cost of this ability would amount to half of the armor's summon cost every post until the effect ends or for an indefinite amount of time. Amors of B rank and higher can have two active abilities and armors of S rank and higher can have three. The ability of an armor has to be in line with the theme of the armor. For example an armor that gives fire resistance could have an ability that enhances fire resistance or gives a fiery aura, but you couldn't give it a ability that gives it a frost aura.

Armors can be destroyed by 2 spells of equal rank. If an armor gives resistance to a certain type, each spell that hits the armor with that type has it's spell rank reduced by one. However, the opposite of that element will count as one rank higher than the spell is. For example, a fire resistance armor counts fire spells as one rank lower when calculating damage for it, but water spells count as 1 rank higher. Each time the bearer of armor is hit by a spell, the armor is count to be hit as well. The bearer of armor receives any defenses the armor would give, if any, but the armor won't take hits for you. Unlike weapons, armors take full damage when hit by an area of effect spell.

Re-equip spells
These are spells that can be cast while bearing a specific weapon or armor. Weapons spells are mostly offensive, while armor spells are mostly protective in nature. Each of these spells must have a requirement for wearing a specific armor or weapon and the effect of these spells must be in line with the theme of the weapon or armor. For example, you can't make a fire sword shoot acid.

Also, spells made for ranged weapons do not use up any of the weapon's ammunition.

Some general rules for re-equip:
-These rules for everyone to make a weapon-like spell and not just for re-equip magic. For example, a fire mage could still make a fire weapon with his magic, which will follow the same rules, even if he is not a re-equip mage. Re-equip mages only have the benefit of diversity, but that comes with the price of being unable to cast spells from themselves (i.e. They need a weapon or armor to be useful).
-You can only wear one armor at a time, so you can't stack one armor onto another, even if one is a simple robe that could be worn over something else.
-Shields count as a weapon spell and not a armor spell.
-You can have two weapons spells at once, one for each hand. When wielding a two-handed weapon, you are probably to busy to wield another weapon, unless you manage to enhance your strength so much, you could wield it in only one hand.
-A weapon can clash with a spell, but this means that the weapon is automatically hit by the spell and fill take full damage from the spell, even if it was an area of effect spell. When you clash a weapon against an area of effect spell, only the wielder won't take damage from it, but everything around it still takes the hit as usual. However, when the spell is higher rank than the weapon, the weapon is destroyed and the residue of the spell is still taken by the wielder. Indestructible weapons can't clash!
-Weapon attacks are not really effective at breaking armor, weapons or spell shields. Hits against armor, weapons or spell shields count as one rank lower than the weapon. Weapons can't destroy armor, spells shields or weapons at all if after this reduction, are two rank lower than the armor, spell shield or weapon they were attacking.
-Once a weapon or armor is destroyed, it cannot be re-equipped in the topic, but it will be assumed that it will be repaired after the topic is ended and be of use again in the following topic. For non-re-equip mages that make their weapon with their element, they can still cast the weapon spell again when the cool down has passed.

Some example spells:

Name: Armor of the Fire Emperor
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: -
Class: Supplementary
Element: Re-equip
Effect: The caster summons forth a suit of armor that is highly resistant to fire.
Passive: While wearing this armor, the bearer receives a fire resistance of 25%.
Active 1: (15 magic each post, sustain) The caster receives an additional 50% fire resistance.
Active 2: (15 magic) The caster can perform a punch wreathed in flame causing 2nd degree burns and hits with enough force to cause deep bruising.

This armor will be broken after taking 2 B-rank attacks (Fire attacks count as one rank lower and water attacks count as 1 rank higher).
Cooldown: 1 post, unless destroyed
Duration: Until destroyed
History: -

Name: Immolate
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30 to cast and 15 every post after to maintain
Requirements: must be wearing the Armor of the Fire Emperor
Class: Supplementary
Element: Re-equip
Effect: The caster covers himself in flames which does not harm him. Everyone standing within 1 meter of him receives burning wounds.
Cooldown: 6 posts
Duration: Sustain or until he no longer wears the Armor of the Fire Emperor
History: -

Name: Blade of the Fire Emperor
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: -
Class: Supplementary
Element: Re-equip
Effect: The caster summons forth a two-handed sword which blade is on fire. This sword can be used to attack with and is capable of cutting through flesh and charring flesh.
This sword will be broken after taking 1 B-rank attacks (Fire attacks count as one rank lower and water attacks count as one rank higher).
Cooldown: 1 post, unless destroyed
Duration: Until destroyed
History: -

Name: Flame Slash
Rank: B-rank
Magic Cost: 30
Requirements: Must have the Blade of the Fire Emperor active
Class: Supplementary
Element: Re-equip
Effect: The caster slices in a wide arc in front of him, causing the flames from the sword to erupt outwards in a cone of fire. This cone is 10 meter long and 10 meter wide and leaves burning wounds.
Cooldown: 3 posts
Duration: instant
History: -
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Re-quip Magic Guidelines
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