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 Celestial Wonders

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PostSubject: Celestial Wonders   Thu Apr 25, 2013 6:08 pm

Welcome to Celestial Wonders, Fiore's one and only Key Shop!

Please be aware, Celestial Keys do not come in bulk order. Each key is unique and once it's sold it could be gone forever from our shop.

We'll be receiving the newest set of keys each month! So don't fret, you Celestial Wizards don't have to look any further than Celestial Wonders! As you gaze around the store, feel free to ask questions and we'll try our hardest to answer anything and everything regarding the Spirits! Please be aware of special deals that will happen in the future!




Name: Canis Minor
Meaning: Lesser Dog
Key: Silver
Rank: E
Magic: 5
Gender: Male
Appearance: Plue is a short, stout white creature with bland eyes and a golden horn-like nose. He cannot speak besides saying "puu-puun". He mostly communicates by using gestures and motions.
Size: 1 Ft. Tall
Personality: Because he was not designed for combat, he serves as a cute pet. He enjoys sweets.
Magic & Abilities: None
Cost: 4,000 Jewels



Name: Lyra
Meaning: The Lyre
Key: Silver
Rank: E
Magic: 5
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lyra looks like a young girl. She has waist length hair that curls at the end, and wears a pink bonnet on top. Her cheeks have blush marks, and she wears a long dress with heart prints by her waist. She wears leather shoes as well. She has small white wings and a large harp on her back.
Size: 5 Ft. Tall
Personality: She is a very happy spirit, especially when she is summoned. She is also very intelligent in Magic, she knows a lot of various magic types. Not how to counter it, but just basic descriptions.
Magic & Abilities: She has no combat abilities seeing as she's merely a performance Celestial Spirit. She is a very good singer and a harp player. Her songs themselves can also embody the heart and feelings of the people who are listening.
Cost: 6,000 Jewels



Name: Apis
Meaning: Bird of Paradise
Rank: D
Magic Cost: 10
Appearance: The spirit looks like a smaller bird with long beautiful feathers. The feathers will change colors to become a brilliant rainbow effect. The spirit will normally rest on the mages shoulder or the mages arm.
Size: 17 in
Personality: The spirit is a very vain type. It will use its rainbow feathers to draw crowds of people to come be in awe. It is very gentle though and does not enjoy being in too dangerous battles.
Magic & Abilities:

Rainbow Brilliance: The spirit fly up and let his feathers burst with a bright rainbow confusing an opponent for 1 post not allowing them to do anything.

Cost: 8,000 Jewels



Name: Columba
Meaning: Dove
Rank: D-rank
Magic: 10
Gender: Female
Appearance: Columba wears a short blue dress with a white lace interior. Over this dress is a white cloak and over her long blonde hair is a white headdress-halo combination. She has deep purple eyes and flawless peach skin. She wears long full leg length boots and tight white gloves extending past her elbows. In general Columba has quite an attractive appearance with two white wings. She is equipped with two swords in which she can use to fight.
Size: 5 Ft. Tall
Personality: Columba is always calm. Even in the most stressful of scenarios she maintains a perfect attitude of relaxation and calm. She is very obedient and concerned solely for her masters safety.
Magic & Abilities:

Tranquility: Columba summons a shower of soft feathers soothing and calming the target.
Flying: Columba can use her wings to fly and carry her master.

Cost: 10,000 Jewels
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Celestial Wonders
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