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 Shigure Sato [Finished]

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Shigure Sato
Shigure Sato

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Shigure Sato [Finished]   Shigure Sato [Finished] EmptyThu Apr 25, 2013 5:21 pm

Shigure Sato [Finished] Soul_Eater_Evans_by_angelragnarok9

Name: Shigure Sato
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Birthday: January 11th, x812
Special Characteristics: Red eyes and unusually pointy teeth that are reminiscent of a shark. Shigure also has an enormous scar that runs from his left collar bone down to the right side of his hip.
Personality: Shigure is all about being cool. He is a very relaxed, laid-back and even somewhat apathetic sort of person. This way of acting used to be a way he could emotionally distance himself from other people. Now, however, it just seems that it is the way he is. Every now and then, Shigure takes time to express himself in a different way. Before he had ever become a mage of Blue Pegasus, he had traveled around a bit and had managed to teach himself how to play violin and piano on the way. He was a natural at it and continues to play every now and again in the guild hall of Blue Pegasus. There was a time when he used to have deep seeded insecurities about playing in front of other people, but those times have long since passed. In regards to the other guild members, Shigure seems himself like an older brother. He is the one who protects them and guides them in their way, whatever way that may be.
  • Music.

Shigure has always loved to play music.
  • Water.

Due to his magic type, Shigure is almost constantly drinking water.
  • Crazy Foods.

Shigure loves exotic or rare foods. When eating out at a restaurant, he will go out of his way to find the most unusual thing on the menu.
  • Doing Work

Shigure much rather prefers to spend his time lounging about.
  • Boiled Cabbage

Shigure can barely stomach foods that lack a particular flavor or spunk.
  • Arrogance

Shigure has little tolerance for people who look down their noses at everyone else.
  • Being the Big Brother

Shigure is primarily motivated to be a person that his guild members can look to and rely on in times of trouble.
  • Magic

Shigure’s magic, in particular, has ancient origins and history has been a lifelong study for him that he has found quite mysterious and yet extremely enjoyable.
  • Being Cool

Shigure sometimes goes out of his way to give other people the impression that he’s a cool guy.
  • Harm to his guildmates.

Shigure will not stay quiet if his guild members are beat up or looked down upon by others.
  • Failure to be a good leader.

Shigure is subconsciously plagued by a fear of being an inadequate leader.
  • Abandonment

Over the years he spent in the guildhouse, he had grown accustomed to being surrounded by people who make him a better person. If he were to lose that, he wouldn’t know what to do.

Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
General Appearance: Shigure stands at just over six feet and due to his height to weight ratio, he has a very lean physic. His hair is always kept shaggy and has a natural spike to it. On the rare occasions that Shigure is seen without a shirt on, on can see that he has a very defined musculature. Shigure feels most comfortable during the colder months since they allow him to wear his preferred heavy cloths with comfort. He wears black leather gloves, a scarf, and a long black coat when walking about outside during cold weather. Underneath that, he wears a black pin-stripe suit with a black tie. The color of his shirt may vary a bit from day to day but is most often either red, blue, or grey. Shigure also wears different suits but prefers his black pinstripe suit above all others. If not in a suit, Shigure prefers to wear clothes that cover his body. Long pants and long sleeves are what he often wears even when it's hot out. He has always been the modest type and can get pretty uncomfortable even by just not having a shirt on. When visiting the beach, in order to be fashionably acceptable, Shigure will resort to wearing a tank top and shorts. No one has ever seen him wear anything less clothing than that.

Guild and Magic
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Guild Tattoo: middle of his chest
Rank: D
Magic: Aqua (water-make)
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Aqua is an ancient variation of water magic that utilizes spells based on ancient weapons and creatures. He uses these spells to control water to his will. Shigure can even liquefy his own body into water, rendering most physical attacks to be useless.
Strengths: Water is incredibly versatile in that it can block or cut through just about anything if there is enough power behind it. Shigure’s ability to liquefy his body in to water makes physical attacks against him useless.
Weaknesses: Ice magic is the most dangerous to Shigure. An opponent of relatively equal strength can freeze the water that he creates, stopping his attacks in their tracks. Lightning mages are also extremely dangerous to Shigure since electricity can be conducted through water. Shigure’s magic is also useless against the water dragon slayer.

History: Before becoming a mage of Blue Pegasus at the age of 15, he spent several years prior wandering around the country side. He used to live in Hargeon Town, but his parents were murdered in a pirate raid. There was no one next of kin who would take him in, so he decided to be a burden to no one and began living on his own. It was during his various adventures that he discovered his abilities and potential as a mage and was taught the secret to aqua magic. It was also during this time that he discovered his natural ability to pick up on playing musical instruments with little difficulty. He later decided to join the Blue Pegasus guild at the age of 15 and soon began his career as a professional mage. As he took his time and became more powerful with his magic, he rose through the ranks of the guild as well. It was on one of his missions that he managed to discover a magical trident that seemed to become stronger as Shigure grew more powerful. After discovering his trident shortly after becoming an S-class mage, he never went on another mission without it. As he did more and more missions with his trident, the somewhat ominous nickname of “Neptune” began to spread. Soon he was quite easily recognized in various towns by his trident and white hair as “Neptune Shigure.” It was some time before the guild master before him requested to see Shigure in the guild master’s office. Shigure himself was unsure as to what the guild master would want to talk with him in private about but it soon became clear. Shigure was to become the next guild master of Blue Pegasus. At first, he was reluctant. Taking on such a responsibility was terrifying to him. However, the previous guild master could only insist. Shigure reluctantly took the position of guild master shortly after and since then, has watched over its members with as much care as he could possibly give.
RP Sample:
Shigure heaved a sigh and scratched the back of his head as he walked through the streets of Clover Town while the sun sank in the sky. He was just returning to the guild from an S-class mission he had just completed. The case in which he kept his trident was slung over his back and as he walked, he heard the people still out on the street whisper to each other. Among these whispers was the word, “Neptune.” He chuckled and bit and felt a twinge of embarrassment at his new nickname. As he passed through the marketplace, Shigure heard the name even more frequently. The townspeople must have somehow heard of what he was capable of and seemed to stare at him in awe and fear. He didn’t like that one bit and decided to diffuse the tension. He walked up to one of the fish merchants and began to eye the products on display. It was tough to transport fish to Clover Town and have it remain fresh, nevertheless the fish here looked quite appetizing. He looked up at the merchant who was an elderly woman. “Say, where were these fish caught?” The old woman seemed a bit on edge that someone like Shigure was talking to her and simply nodded as she spoke. “F-from Hargeon, sir.” Shigure looked back down at the fish. “Is that so? It must have been pretty tough getting them here, though.” He looked around at recognized most of the fish, but stopped his gaze on one in particular. His eyes widened and a light blush came to his face. “Oooh! That fish!” He pointed at one in the corner of the display. The old woman was astonished by his sudden change of attitude. “Uhm yes, that’s a yellow-tail. You have a fine eye, young man!” Shigure flashed his shark-tooth grin and pulled out his moneybag. He dropped five gold coins on the counter without hesitation an after some consideration, dropped two more down. “I’ll take it, please!” The woman was flabbergasted. She had never sold a fish worth more than three silver pieces in her life. She tried to implore that Shigure was overpaying her, but he insisted. “Alright, if you say so.” The woman carefully wrapped the fish and gave it to Shigure. He politely accepted and nodded to her. “Thank you very much.” The old woman thanked him in return and he returned on his trek back to the guild house. Yellowtail was a meal that held some nostalgia for him. He would have to come by that marketplace more often.

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Character sheet
Shigure Sato [Finished] Left_bar_bleue100/100Shigure Sato [Finished] Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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PostSubject: Re: Shigure Sato [Finished]   Shigure Sato [Finished] EmptyThu Apr 25, 2013 8:32 pm

Shigure you appearance is way too short, please refer to the character template Here. for all the requirements for character apps. Bump thread when you're done.
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Shigure Sato
Shigure Sato

Male Posts : 5
Age : 31
Join date : 2013-04-23

Character sheet
Shigure Sato [Finished] Left_bar_bleue500/500Shigure Sato [Finished] Empty_bar_bleue  (500/500)
Jewels: 1000

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PostSubject: Re: Shigure Sato [Finished]   Shigure Sato [Finished] EmptyFri Apr 26, 2013 1:03 am

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PostSubject: Re: Shigure Sato [Finished]   Shigure Sato [Finished] Empty

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Shigure Sato [Finished]
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