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 Yumiko Amaya Character Registration

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Yumiko Amaya Character Registration   Yumiko Amaya Character Registration EmptyThu Mar 07, 2013 11:46 pm

Yumiko Amaya
Yumiko Amaya Character Registration WWWWWWWWWWW-1copy_large

Name: Yumiko Amaya
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Birthday: 4/13/X769
Sexuality: Straight
Special Characteristics: Requip, and hand to hand combat pro.

Personality: Cute and funny, sweet until you make her angry. She likes having fun as much as she can and lives everyday to the fullest when she isn't fighting. If you make her angry you should start running because the sweetness disappears. Enjoys reading and drawing. Likes to sing songs when no one is around. Easily distracted sometimes but is also intelligent and can be very girly sometimes she doesn't like to show it much. She has a big imagination and imagines her sister Michiko is with her still so she is often caught talking to herself. Creative makes random things that she is super proud of and really is just living out the childhood she never had.
Likes: Shiny objects don't really know why, kittens who doesn't love a fluffy kitten, candy keeps up energy, she likes hanging out with members of the guild even though she is scared of getting to close to them. She loves doing her gymnastics and improving her magic. She likes boys but doesn't have a boyfriend really she doesn't have time she is too focused on training and being with friends to enjoy all the time she has.
Dislikes: People who are too serious she thinks people should have fun if they are not working. Losing yes she is a sore loser so she is determined to never lose. Sitting still for long periods of time it makes her anxious. People who do annoying things like constantly tapping their fingers or stuff like that. Math.
Motivations: To protect everyone she cares about so they don't end up like her sister who she thinks she let down because she was unable to protect her. Not dwelling on sadness all the time, and live happily.
Fears: Spiders, things with 8 legs are freaky! Thunder it's all she heard when she was held captive and it brings back bad memories, Not being able to protect someone.


Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Others: Locket containing her sisters picture.
General Appearance: tank top and shorts or skirt, black gloves and boots. Stunningly beautiful. Is a positive person and always finds the bright side of things. She always smiles and helps others to smile as well. Well figured girl with a tone body from most of her training exercises. Flexible and likes flipping around for no reason just because she can and she is free to do so. She wears a locket around her neck with a picture of her sister in it. most of the time has her hair down its about mid-back length and has bangs in the front. She sometimes has pigtails or a ponytail but during battle its mostly down. She learned Re-quip magic when she was 13 after escaping from a prison as a child. So far she only had 3 different outfits of Re-quip, but they seem to work for her just fine. She is fast even without using Re-quip and is also a master of hand to hand combat and swordsman ship. Besides her past being messed up she keeps looking forward hoping to see her sister again some day.

Guild and Magic

Guild: Fairy Tail
Guild Tattoo: Left shoulder blade (black)
Rank: D

Magic: Re-quip
Caster or Holder: Caster
Description: Contains different items to defeat any foe. Different types of swords and armor to better personal abilities.
Strengths: Black Wing Armor allows Yumiko to fly for better advantage on a grounded opponent and comes equipped with a sword and a spell called Moon Splash a powerful spell to cut through anything on weaken an opponent. Flame Empress Armor is another one of Yumiko's favorite equip outfit. Flame Empress allows Yumiko to attack using fire but not get damaged by it comes with a sword with flames and magic called Flame Crash. Yumiko also likes hand to hand combat and only will use Re-quip to finish an opponent or if the opponent is really tough to beat. Re-quips faster than anyone else who uses Re-quip magic.
Weaknesses: Using Re-quip too much can drain her power which is why she prefers hand to hand at first and save her magic power for the end. The stronger the Re-quip outfit is the more power is drained from her which could leave her an open target. To regain her power she needs to rest and have a good meal and stay in normal form for a while before being able to re-quip again.


History: Yumiko Amaya was from a middle class family of textile workers. Yumiko was on of the few wizards in her town. Her instructor was a middle aged woman named Nakia Tsuji who used Re-quip magic and saw potential in Yumiko and took her in as her student. The training was hard using meditation and the power of chi. She focused on her breathing and the magic that flowed through her body. After months of meditating and working on her chi she finally managed to Re-quip but only for a few moments it took too much power but she did it. Now she just had to keep training which she did everyday until she was able to hold her magic Re-quip for a longer time. Yumiko loved her teacher and considered her family. When one day there was a raid through the entire town, only her and a few others including her 6 year old sister Michiko Amaya had survived the attack she was only 8 years old Yumiko's parents and teacher were killed. They were taken back as prisoners where they were treated horribly. After seeing her sister killed in front of her because of how many times she had fallen due to being worked so hard, Yumiko decided that she wasn't going to be a prisoner any longer. So late at night for 4 years Yumiko would train hard so she can escape. She would work on her fighting skills and her magic. Then the day finally came when she would put her escape plan to the test being 12 now she figured that she had enough strength to at least take down the 2 men who guarded her cell block. She patiently waiting for them to arrive like they did every night to give her some food that would be given to her through a small trap door in the main door. Feeling scared and nervous as she was waiting to make sure her plan was flawless, the time finally came. As she heard their boots making their way down the corridor, Yumiko jumped onto the bars that hung above her. It was pretty dark and only lit by a torch. They walked in Yumiko trying not to make a move and keep control over her breathing to trick them into thinking she had already escaped. They walk up to the cell and didn't see her hidden in the shadows they put the food down and open the cell door and walk in to inspect. Yumiko is in perfect position to get them both, she slowly lowers her legs and kicks them both in the head causing the guards to hit each others heads and knocking them out. Yumiko grabs the keys, their swords and locks them in the cell block. Since she is small she has advantage of not being seen so with her stolen keys she unlocks other cell doors and tells them to be quiet and follow her she says that she will protect them. Most of the others are children like her and are too scared to go but one boy is the first to go with her. His name is Ryuji Takeshi he is a little older than Yumiko. Ryuji helps by unlocking more cells and getting others to go with them but most are scared if they don't make it out. They stay behind as Yumiko and Ryuji take a few children and teenagers. As they are running down the dark corridors trying to figure a way out, Yumiko hears something she has really good hearing and uses it to have an advantage. She asks if they have any kind of fighting experience a few teenagers said yes, the children said no. She turns to Ryuji and asks him the same question he smiles "of course I was trained by great swordsmen in my old village." Yumiko smiles and hands him her extra sword they tell the remaining children to hide in the shadows and no matter what not to make a sound. There are 12 guards with spears examining the corridors for anything suspicious. Quietly Yumiko comes out of the shadows and attacks them. Completely taken by surprise a few guards went down. Yumiko tells the fighters to charge them and do what they can. To her surprise a few teenagers were using magic. One managed to knock the bricks out of the wall and fly across the room and hit 3 guards, but it wasn't enough to hold them down they got back up and the guards used magic of their own. Ryuji really was a great fighter he was taking on 3 guards alone and holding his ground very well. One of the teenagers put a magic barrier to protect the small children from any harm. Everyone was fighting very hard, Yumiko who became very acrobatic from her intense training was able to flip and jump high enough to dodge any magic coming her way. Eventually they had defeated the guards and made it to the outside with everyone unharmed. It was 11PM and very dark out there was no moon in the sky that night. The last barrier was to get out through the gates leading to freedom. They are not spotted and make their way to the gates dodging any light. One teenage girl named Kita had earth magic and dug a tunnel to the outside. Everyone made it out safe and the teenagers took a child with them for better protection and they all went their separate ways. In the forest there was only Yumiko left. She went to the closets town called Clover Town there she found a job washing dishes at a restaurant and was able to live with the owner in a spare bedroom. During her time off she would practice the skills that she learned from Nakia and by now Yumiko was able to hold her Re-quip magic and change armor for a longer time and her change in armor was faster as well. After earning some money she was going to leave Clover and head to Shirotsume Town and found a waitressing job. The people who came into the pub were talking about how the Fairy Tail wizards over did it again. "Those guys sure are strong I bet they have some crazy strong wizards there." said one man. Yumiko over hearing thought to herself "maybe someone can help me with my Re-Quip magic." She decided after earning more money she will go to Magnolia and try out for the Fairy Tail guild to strengthen her magic.

RP Sample: After many years of traveling and doing odd jobs she could get to make money to live on Yumiko finally arrives to Magnolia it's a bigger city then she ever could have imagined. She heard about a magical Guild called Fairy Tail during her travels and is determined to join. Yumiko is now 17 years old and has learned a magic called Re-quip where she can summon weapons to her side with special uniforms to help increase her power and agility. She finds the Guild and walks in. She sees lots of people drinking, laughing, and talking. Someone takes notice to Yumiko and asks "Welcome to Fairy Tail what can I do for you?" Yumiko is nervous and shyly asks "I am a wizard and I would very much like to join this guild if I can." He looks at her and smiles "What kind of magic do you do?" "Um well I do Re-Quip magic" she said very shy. "Re-quip magic lets have a look show us what you've got kid." he said excited. Then a bright light appeared around Yumiko, everyone was awe struck by the light and when the light went away she was left with long red pants with a white wrap around her chest holding two katanas with her hair pulled into a ponytail. She looked tough "whoa that is so cool." said another member of the guild. The man who first noticed her was impressed and welcomed her to the guild and put their logo on her left shoulder blade in black. The Master of the Guild showed up and asked about the new recruit. "Hello sir, I am Yumiko Amaya and I use Re-quip magic." she said slightly bowing. The Master looked at her and smiled "Well welcome to Fairy Tail Yumiko that is such a pretty name for a lovely young wizard. Now everyone listen up we are going to celebrate to the newest member of our guild!" The sounds of cheers rang through the guild and Yumiko felt so welcomed and happy for the first time in a long time. She knew this would be the start of a great new adventure. She would live her life and keep her locket close to her heart that would always contain a picture of her sister.

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PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Amaya Character Registration   Yumiko Amaya Character Registration EmptyFri Mar 08, 2013 1:01 am

looks good just missing a couple things first i just need you to make your personality longer you can refer to the character sheet that lucy created in the character template section under character registration, another thing you need is more fears and likes. you can find the character template here http://fairytailrpgcentral.forumotion.com/t2-character-template
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Amaya Character Registration   Yumiko Amaya Character Registration EmptyMon Mar 11, 2013 6:24 pm

Erza, you need to fix the magic section of your character app. For strengths & bweaknesses ur supposed to put the strengths & weaknesses of your magic. NOT the strengths & weaknesses of yourself XDD so please fix that or else it cannot be approved. Sad
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Yumiko Amaya Character Registration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yumiko Amaya Character Registration   Yumiko Amaya Character Registration Empty

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Yumiko Amaya Character Registration
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